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08.10.10 - Beta Version of TMA Classic for SC2 released!

The Beta version of the new TMA Classic map - a remake of the original TMA Legends for StarCraft Brood War - has just been released for public testing. We hope you enjoy the map and hope for a lot of feedback. Please use our TMA Community Forums for suggestions or directly contact me (TMA-VeNoM) per email.

A huge thank you goes to our map creator Jackolas, who dedicated an incredible amount of time for this release. Nice job, Jack!

17.08.10 - New Member for Clan TMA

Welcome our new member TMA-Gashyrr[38 in the corresponding forum thread.

26.07.10 - New map creator for TMA @ SC2 - Part 2

After getting in contact with a lot of interested mappers on, we are now working with a very talented map creator called Jackolas. He will be the one re-creating the map TMA Legends 5.5 for SC2. If you're interested in how the map development improves, feel free to follow the corresponding forum thread.

30.04.10 - New member for Clan TMA

Clan TMA just got enforced by TMA-Stich[47: Welcome on board!

20.04.10 - New map creator for TMA @ SC2

We recently got in contact with OverSky, a very talented SC2 player and map creator. He was one of the top US Zerg and even bet David Kim! He will be creating one of the first TMA maps for SC2. If you are interested in that, feel free to visit the corresponding forum thread.

01.04.10 - April Fool!

Don't be shocked anymore, breathe deeply and calm down - life can go on in a normal way once again. Watch the solution of the TMA April Fool on YouTube: The End of TMA - Part 2/2. Also don't miss the actually announcement of The End of TMA - Part 1/?.

29.03.10 - Winners of the TMA Tournament

Our first TMA tournament has just ended. Thanks for participating to all players. Feel free to check our TMA Tournament site to have a look at the final tournament bracket as well as links to the VODs.

13.03.10 - TMA Tournament Announced!

Finally! We are proud to announce our first official TMA tournament. Check our TMA Tournament News or the corresponding TMA Tournament thread on our forums for more information like date/time and how to sign up.

22.12.09 - TMA Xmas Greetings Video

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all of you guys. Watch the TMA Xmas Greetings Video on our TMA YouTube channel or use the forum post for your comments!

28.11.09 - Second TMA Video Commentary

And another 2on2, watch it on our TMA YouTube channel or use the forum post to get the direct link!

25.11.09 - First official TMA Video Commentary

There are definitly some more talented commentators around, but I just had to try that. There are four parts, find those videos on our TMA YouTube channel or watch them on our community forum!

08.11.09 - New Members for TMA

By.Fantasy and ipfreely have finally joined clan TMA. Check the official welcome thread on our forum!

29.10.09 - TMA article on

A great article about TMA has been released on Don't miss it and get the link on the related forum post!

28.10.09 - Vote for TMA League / Ladder on iCCup

Possible TMA League on iCCup, help us and read more in the related forum post!

25.10.09 - TMA Charity Match / Live Stream

TMA charity match casted live and in color. Check the forum post for more information!

18.10.09 - TMA goes YouTube

BIG STUFF! TMA proudly presents the Team Micro Arena YouTube channel - tutorials already uploaded! You definitly don't wanna miss the forum post for the whole news.

18.10.09 - New and shiny

Guess you already noticed - we have a brand new web design! Logo and layout have completely been reworked. Read more about it at the forum post.

25.09.09 - New Members

TMA-Chenmy[27 and TMA-Fremen[99 have joined Clan TMA - welcome and for good games! Read the forum post for the whole news.

25.06.09 - TMA Tourney Groups and Time Schedule

The two groups and the time schedule with the first match ups have been announced! Check our forum thread for more details and read the update, especially if you're participating in the TMA Tournament.

19.06.09 - New member joins

TMA-RoX[21 has just joined Clan TMA. Check our Members section for his profil and post your comments at our Community Forum.

16.06.09 - TMA 5.4 finally released

We are proud to release our latest version of TMA. Download Team Micro Arena Legends 5.4 and also don't miss the changelog. Feedback always welcome, for good games!